Family Owned and Operated

What makes us stand out when it comes to hearing aids?
Blue Ridge Hearing Center is a family-owned-and-operated company with:

We can meet all your hearing needs.

High tech hearing solutions with home town customer care. Whether you want to upgrade your existing hearing aid or are just started experiencing hearing loss, come to where quality of service matters.

Help a Loved One

Everyday your loved one suffers from hearing loss, the more difficult everyday communication becomes. Hearing aids may help them more than they realize.

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Patient Stories

We strive to provide each patient with quality service and care to ensure their satisfaction with hearing aids.

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What to Expect

Your first visit may include a hearing evaluation followed by a review of the results to find out if hearing aids are right for you.

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Our Gift to You

We appreciate your business and value each of our patients. We would like to help them with their hearing aid purchase whenever possible.

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About Us

Blue Ridge Hearing Center has been serving the area since 1991, providing the high quality hearing aids and devices you need for yourself and your loved ones. And you’ll find our superior customer service sets us apart from other hearing aid dispensers.

Hearing Evaluations

Your first appointment at Blue Ridge Hearing Center will begin with a hearing evaluation. We perform puretone, speech, and understanding testing. At that point, we explain the outcome of the test and provide you with a recommendation. If hearing aids are indicated, you may begin a 30-day trial period.

Trial Period

Throughout the trial process, you or your loved one will have several appointments for hearing aid fittings and making adjustments to the hearing aids. After the 30-day trial, we provide all the necessary follow-ups, visits, and repairs with our comprehensive warranty.

Call us today to schedule your first appointment. 540-432-0071