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Is It Time for Hearing Aids?

Hearing loss can be a gradual or sudden decline in your ability to hear well. It's a prevalent issue, especially among older adults, and it can pose several challenges. Struggling with hearing can make it difficult to comprehend a doctor's instructions, respond to warnings, or even hear doorbells and alarms. Moreover, it can impact your ability to engage in conversations with friends and family, leading to feelings of frustration, embarrassment, and, at times, safety concerns.

If you've noticed any changes in your hearing, it might be a good idea to consider having it checked. We're here to discuss your concerns and explore potential solutions that can help improve your hearing experience.

Do your family or friends often mention that the TV is too loud for comfort?

Do you find it challenging to hear conversations in noisy environments?

Is it more difficult for you to hear women compared to men?

Do you frequently request others to repeat what they've said?

Have you ever refrained from going out because you're concerned about hearing difficulties in social settings?

Have you ever experienced any ringing or buzzing sounds in either of your ears?

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Our Hearing Aid Brands


Phonak consistently pushes the boundaries of technology to assist people in overcoming challenging hearing situations. Regardless of an individual's degree of hearing loss, Phonak offers a suitable hearing aid, considering their specific hearing type, lifestyle, personal preferences, age, and budget.


ReSound stands as one of the world's largest producers of hearing aids. Ever since its establishment in 1943, the company has earned a reputation for exceptional sound quality, outstanding design, and providing meaningful solutions that assist those with hearing impairments in reconnecting with the world of sound.


Lyric made a special appearance on Good Morning America as a groundbreaking hearing technology. It's not just incredibly small and discreet; it also offers remarkable sound quality without the usual daily inconveniences. With Lyric, you can comfortably wear them in the shower, during sleep, while working out, and in most everyday situations.





We provide flexible appointment options for cleaning and servicing procedures.


We keep a supply of hearing aid batteries in stock for all the hearing aids we provide.


Each hearing aid we distribute comes with a comprehensive warranty. You will receive the details of the warranty on the day you get your hearing aids.

Modern Hearing Aid Features and Technology

Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth technology is a nifty way to transmit digital information wirelessly over short distances. It's a tech marvel that enables two hearing aids to communicate seamlessly with each other, and it also empowers users to connect with various devices in their homes and cars, such as DVD players, computers, GPS systems, and cell phones. However, it's worth noting that there are both advantages and disadvantages to having this kind of technology integrated into a hearing aid.

Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Most of the gadgets we rely on daily can be juiced up by either rechargeable or disposable batteries, and hearing aids are no exception. Rechargeable hearing aids are gaining traction year by year, and with that, we're witnessing a surge in the variety of available models. But what's behind the rising preference for hearing aids equipped with rechargeable batteries among many individuals?

Hearing Aid Follow Up & Care

Our fantastic and friendly team stands as one of our most cherished assets, and we take immense pride in their long-standing commitment to our practice. We frequently hear from our patients about how effectively we collaborate as a team.

We are dedicated to remaining at the forefront of hearing healthcare and excelling in patient communication. Every member of our staff is driven to deliver the finest outcomes for our patients in a soothing and welcoming environment.