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A hearing test is the first step toward improved quality of life. We offer consultations and screenings as well.

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Is It Time for a Hearing Test?

Hearing loss is a sudden or gradual decrease in how well you can hear. It is one of the most common conditions affecting older and elderly adults. Having trouble hearing can make it hard to understand and follow a doctor’s advice, to respond to warnings, and to hear doorbells and alarms. It can also make it hard to enjoy talking with friends and family. All of this can be frustrating, embarrassing, and even dangerous. Regular hearing testing is recommended to monitor whether you’re experiencing a hearing loss. A hearing test is the first step to improving your quality of life!
Do others complain the TV is too loud?
Do you have trouble hearing in a noisy room?
Do you have more trouble hearing women than men?
Do you ask others to repeat themselves?
Do you avoid going out because you’ll struggle to hear?
Do you notice any ringing or buzzing sounds in either ear?

How to Convince Someone They Need a Hearing Test

You are married to, live with or love someone who is clearly struggling to hear. How do you convince them that it’s time to get their hearing checked? The quickest way to bring someone around to the realization that they might be having a problem hearing is to stop being a human hearing aid.  Frequent repetitions, tolerating the volume louder than you know it should be and repeating someone else’s conversation to them is a sign that you are becoming their hearing aids.  The average person waits for 5 – 7 years to do something about their hearing loss.  The sooner they do something about the problem, the happier everyone will be.

What to Expect During Your First Visit

We want your visit and hearing test with us to be as stress-free as possible. Here’s a little bit about what you can expect when you do finally make the decision to come in and see us. Once the testing is complete, we’ll explain everything to you because we believe your journey to better hearing should be a partnership with you and your hearing healthcare provider. And we believe that journey should begin by making you sure you’re as well informed as possible about your problem and all possible solutions.


We’ll ask a series of questions about your medical, work and personal life as it relates to your ears and your hearing.


This will give us an idea of how well the eardrum, the middle ear bones, and a few of your ears reflexes are working.


We’ll perform an examination of your ears for any physical condition that might indicate a need for a medical referral.

Getting A Hearing Test is Easy

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Follow Up & Care

Our exceptional, friendly staff is one of our greatest assets, and we are proud of their long time association with our office. Patients tell us often how well we work together as a team.

We pride ourselves on staying on the cutting edge of hearing healthcare and great patient communication. Each of our staff members is motivated to achieve the best results for our patients in a calming and comfortable setting.